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New! BITS Social Media Risks and Mitigation Paper
New BITS paper that offers an enterprise-wide view to developing social media policies, practices, communications and risk management strategies.

BITS Malware Risks and Mitigation Report
New BITS report that outlines current malware threats, threat vectors and mitigation strategies for enterprises, and provides a perspective on the effect of malware on the cyber ecosystem. Also included are recommendations for all stakeholders on how to address malware and contribute to a more secure cyberspace.

BITS is a not-for-profit, CEO-driven financial service industry consortium made up of 100 of the largest financial institutions in the US. BITS provides intellectual capital and fosters collaboration to address emerging issues where financial services, technology, and commerce intersect.

A division of The Financial Services Roundtable, a public policy group that promotes the interests of member companies in legislative, regulatory and judicial forums, BITS works to sustain consumer confidence and trust by ensuring the security, privacy and integrity of financial transactions.

"I cannot say enough good about BITS and its solid and growing contribution to our nation's financial services industries. BITS has been innovative, active, smart, and most importantly, they don't seem to wait for anyone when they have a good idea for doing something that needs to be done."
- Wayne A. Abernathy
   Former Assistant Secretary for Financial
   Institutions, U.S. Treasury